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Success in the federal government marketplace depends upon your ability to sell through the channels that specialize in selling IT services and solutions into this niche market. These channels include:

  • Prime contractors
  • Federal Resellers
  • 8(a) companies
  • System Integrators

These channels specialize in selling IT services and solutions into this niche marketplace.

But hundreds of other companies like yours vie for their attention. And many are represented by individuals that have no concept of the unique nature of selling IT solutions to government. That’s where Summit Government Group, LLC’s assistance can be so important. Our established relationships with the channel partners gain you the attention you deserve – and these companies look to Summit Government Group, LLC because they know we understand their own operations, demands, requirements and the government market in depth.

Our channel partners know they can trust us to bring them the best. And, they will use your products because they know Summit Government Group, LLC will stand behind them, representing you fully and backing you each step of the way.

In fact, this comfort level we’ve established with the larger resellers has been a great advantage to our clients. The major resellers know that Summit Government Group, LLC will follow the whole sales process through, from identifying the opportunities, matching with just the right providers, developing a competitive pricing strategy, all the way through the award and delivery.

Summit Government Group, LLC has years of proven success in acting as the outsourced channel manager for your federal business. We manage the whole federal territory and all the channel and partner management issues, including:

  • Setting pricing policies and business strategies with a go-to-market strategy that keeps everyone profitable
  • Identifying the best avenues to promote and place your products and services – GSA, 8(a), prime contractor partners – using one or a combination of avenues
  • Ensuring face time by working with the channel representatives, with our dedicated sales staff that call on and communicate with our resellers every day
  • Performing sales trainings on your products and services, as well as vendor days
  • Working with the channel marketing people to have products spec’s added/updated on offerings lists
  • Co-sponsoring marketing events
  • Providing activity channel reports, as well as quarterly marketing plan & execution evaluations
  • Maintaining in-house tools for deal registrations for pipeline management and future business




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