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Setting up an initial contract pricing strategy that is healthy for all parties – our clients, the channel partners and the federal government buyers – is essential. Summit Government Group excels at this process – we advise our clients and their channel partners on the complex inter-relationships between the contracts and the product and services pricing.

Summit Government Group, LLC will help ensure you don’t get caught in a “bottomed-out” pricing scenario, restricting your flexibility and making profitability for you and your channel partners difficult to achieve. That’s one reason why Summit Government Group, LLC insists on a contract strategy, advising and managing these contracts on a monthly basis to perform all contract modifications, update pricing changes, upload the files into GSA Advantage, and all other contract administrative duties.

We also advise and research the federal acquisition regulations (FARs), section 508 issues, trade compliance concerns, etc. and how they related to your contracts and federal government business.

Summit Government Group, LLC’s expertise and pricing strategies maximize both competitiveness and profitability for our clients and channel partners, and deliver the best value to federal buyers.





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