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Contract Number: GS-35F-0085U

As wireless becomes a business utility, it’s about managing your wireless vulnerabilities, not simply preventing wireless intrusions.  AirTight is the only wireless vulnerability management company to offer a flexible, end-to-end solution that gives customers visibility into their wireless security posture and choice in how they manage it.

As the leading provider of online and onsite wireless vulnerability management solutions, companies of all sizes from across the globe and a broad range of industries trust AirTight Networks to strengthen the security of their networks.

AirTight® Networks’ complete end-to-end solutions automate every step of the wireless vulnerability management cycle so that you receive the network protection you need.

Wireless Intrusion Prevention
For all the benefits that wireless brings to the enterprise, it also presents its fair share of challenges for network security. Something as simple as a misconfigured access point, a rogue access point, or a client inadvertently connecting to the wireless LAN across the parking lot puts your business at risk. AirTight continuously detects, classifies, locates and remediates wireless security risks to your business.

Wireless Vulnerability Management
For businesses with a security or compliance need to monitor WiFi activity and are dissatisfied with the cost and complexity associated with wireless security, AirTight provides the industry’s only hosted wireless security assessment, remediation and compliance solution.

802.11n Solutions

For businesses considering deploying 802.11n, AirTight provides the industry’s most comprehensive portfolio of solutions designed to plan, optimize and secure wireless networks. AirTight maximizes throughput and capacity for critical business applications while protecting against rogue APs, minimizing external interference, and mitigating additional client risks associated with incidental connections.

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AirTight Networks

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