eReplacements high quality remanufactured Toner cartridges are 100% compatible with brand name printers like HP, Canon, Epson and many more. They are also guaranteed to perform equal to the OEM and are shipped with a 1-year warranty. All toner cartridges by eReplacements do not infringe on any OEM patents. All of the eReplacements Toner with a -TAA suffix are made in the USA

Quality Control

  • Virgin Cores - Cartridges only use virgin cores (used once)
  • Density Testing - Ink density on both plain and photo paper similar to OEM
  • Color Match Testing - Delta E 2000 color match test with OEM ink and toner
  • Incubated Cartridge Testing - Print quality sufficient after 2-week 60C incubation
  • Smart Chip Acceptability - Cartridges accepted when installed in printer
  • Cartridge Error Messages - Limited error/warning messages after cartridge installation
  • Cartridge Printing Performance - Prints immediately with limited print head cleaning
  • Physical Cartridge Inspection - No fitting and/or leaking issues

Factory Inspection

  • In-Process Quality check
  • Material check
  • Random sampling & testing of each sku
  • Pre-shipment Inspection
  • Certification verification checks